What You NEED to Know Before You Hike the Inca Trail

Seeing Machu Picchu is on a lot of people's bucket lists. It is a magnificent piece of architecture and history, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and just freaking cool. But you aren't like other travelers; you like to take things one step further. So you...

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Is This The Coolest Hotel Ever? Skylodge Adventure Suites

I remember seeing this video on Facebook all the way back in 2015. It showed people sleeping in see-through pods halfway up a cliff. I believe my exact words were “nope, not happening.” Fast forward 3 months; I’m traversing that same cliff face as the sun goes down, still 50 yards away from the capsule that I am about to call home for the next 12 hours. Yep, that’s right. I stayed in the Skylodge Adventure Suites, the world’s only million star hotel, and man was it worth it.

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10 Movies to Inspire Wanderlust

What do you do when you have no trips planned for the foreseeable future? I, for one, am terrible at waiting. I get real stir crazy and start itching to book a plane ticket to wherever is cheapest. One of the best ways to calm myself is by watching a copious amount of...

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How to Have a Full-Time Job and Still Find Time to Travel

Not sure if you've heard of this thing called instagram, but it is one of the best/worst things to happen to my life. I follow a long list of professional travelers who are constantly traveling to new destinations every week. While I am extremely jealous of all of the...

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7 Tips to Surviving Family Vacation as an Adult

Stop that right now or I will pull this car over!”

Sound familiar? Unless you grew up in a 1950’s sitcom, this (and its many variations) was probably a recurring mantra when you were growing up. I know that it was in my family, and, trust me, my mother was not afraid to pull that car over. I specifically remember one Easter trip to my grandmother’s house where…

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A Maven’s Guide to Booking Flights

After I booked my round trip ticket to Russia for $400, I have had multiple reach out to me about booking flights and how to find deals. So, I figured to was about time to write a little guide about my process. In addition to my Russia flight, I have also managed to find roundtrip tickets from Kansas City to Belize for $250 (which I booked!) and multiple flights to Europe for around $500-$600 (which I’ve booked 2 of. Whoops.). So let’s get right into it…

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My 5 Essential Carry-On Items

I love the freedom that traveling without checking a bag brings. It means that I can easily carry all of my own belongings, choose to skiplag if I want, removes the fear of losing a bag, and kind of makes me feel like a badass. This means that whatever goes in my...

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9 Tips for Your Best Road Trip

Last week I road tripped from Kansas City, MO to Rapid City, SD and then back again. In 4 days. Because apparently I’m a crazy lady. I love seeing this amazing country we live in up close and personal. I got to see Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and a few not so well known sites. But I also spent approximately 20 hours in the car. Let me tell ya: things get weird when you spend that much time by yourself. Luckily for you, I have some helpful tips and tricks to make your road trips a little more enjoyable.

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Giving Up on the American Dream

It’s almost 2 am. I’m sitting on my little balcony here in Kansas City just thinking. About my life. About the future. About a million things. Some are significant: should I go back and get my MBA? Some are not: what should I do this weekend? But they all boil down to one thing: Am I living my life right?

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Hey there! I'm Kalyssa, a travel blogger slowly ticking things off my bucket list while still holding down a full-time job. While leaving the corporate world to travel constantly seems like a perfect world, for most of us, it isn't feasible. I'm here to show you that you can be an adventurous globe-trotter and still be gainfully employed. Read more about me by clicking my snapcode. Thanks for joining me on this trip. -K
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